Thursday, February 6, 2020 @ 1pm
Aberdeen Livestock, West Barn, Aberdeen, SD





Welcome to our 20 th annual production sale. There was one certainty becoming more prevalent every year, pounds still pay the bills. Stavick Simmental is proud to offer such a group of heavy hitters again that can add performance and pounds to your bottom line. As you look through our offering keep in mind our objective is clear, produce the maximum number of pounds with average calving ease. Please refer to our herd trend page. Those numbers all go into our herd average 133 API score, we are above an industry average of 125. Where we excel is more WW, higher MCE, and a much higher ADG - translating into a very high average TI of 74.

Simply put growth and performance in problem-free cattle is our passion and priority.  This is our third year to offer a handpicked selection of open heifers from the heart of our herd.  Many are full sibs to prior top selling bulls and sibs to top producing females in our herd. We are offering a breeding package to buyers. We will take them home and AI in the spring to your calving dates, you can simply pick them up after AI, or we can breed and run on pasture then you pick up in the fall. Talk to us to make arrangements.

For the 10th straight year, we have been recognized for being a Performance Advocate (PA) and enrolled in Total Herd Enrollment (THE). This means every cow in our herd has data turned in annually for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, hip height and ultrasound of every calf. We take great pride in the data collection process and rest assured all the data is getting turned in on every animal and that information gives validity to their EPD’s. We are the only seed stock breeder in SD other than SDSU to qualify for this.

We have found our TYPE of cattle, regardless of percentage from 5/8 to Purebred. We produce a sound, fertile bull with tremendous overall dimension, spring of rib and muscle. We are very proud of this set of sound structured bulls and believe it to be a solid set from lot 1 to lot 90. As you will notice our catalog changed a bit as we are grouping by sire. This should make it more convenient when looking for specs you want to incorporate.

Bulls are available for viewing at the ranch anytime and can also be viewed on stavicksimmental.com or DV Auction starting about Jan 15. If we can be of any help please give us a shout and thank you for taking the time to look through our offering.

Mike, Myra, Owen and Liv Stavick
…Doc and newest team member, Floki!