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Stavick Simmental is proud to offer such a group of heavy hitters again that can add performance and pounds to your bottom line.  As you look thru our offering keep in mind our objective is clear, produce the maximum number of pounds with average calving ease.  Please refer to our herd trend page. Our herd runs breed average for BW, CE, Marb, MM and Stay. Those numbers all go into our herd average 130 API score, we are 10 points above an industry average of 120.  Where we excel is more WW, higher MCE, and a much higher ADG - translating into a very high TI.  Simply put growth and performance problem free cattle are our passion and priority. 

This is our second year to offer a handpicked selection of open heifers from the heart of our herd.  Many are full sibs to prior top selling bulls and sibs to top producing females in our herd.  We are offering a breeding package to buyers. We will take them home and AI in the spring to your calving dates,  you can simply pick them up after AI, or we can breed and run on pasture then you pick up in the fall.  Talk to us to make arrangements. 

For the 9th straight year, we have been recognized for being a Performance Advocate (PA) and enrolled in Total Herd Enrollment (THE).  This means every cow in our herd has data turned in annually for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, hip height and ultrasound of every calf.  We take great pride in the data collection process and rest assured all the data is getting turned in on every animal and that information gives validity to their EPD’s.  We are the only seed stock breeder in the state other than SDSU to qualify for this.

As in the past, our bulls are developed on a complete TMR ration.  The ration consists primarily of prairie hay, corn silage, alfalfa, corn along with a dense chelated mineral pellet targeting an ADG of 3.5 lbs. per day.  Fast enough to observe bulls that excel in gain and eliminate those that don’t while providing a slow enough growth period for bone, muscle, and testicular development.  Remember it is our core belief that a customer should never have to worry about feet and leg issues from overfeeding.

For several years now we have implemented a 5-star method for calving ease with 5***** being a heifer bull and 1* to be used only on mature cows. We have had great input from customers how they liked the system. Today with so many different EPD’s and ratios it can be overwhelming at times to sort thru the data.

We work our cattle a lot and pay particular attention to the behavior or personalities of each bull we sell.  It is never our intention to sell an animal that could potentially harm anyone.  Since we have been around these cattle for about 365 days, we learn their personalities, know their mothers and family trees, and are very forthcoming on any bull.  Scores are sent into the ASA for documentation and processing and this information is inserted into the DOC EPD.  

To summarize our scoring method would be:

            1 = The calmest animal.  This animal would be recommended for the cattleman who has a small number of cattle, have children around the cattle and the bull has shown no signs of aggressiveness or nervousness. They can easily be left alone and are comfortable being alone.

            2 =Very similar to a 1-star bull but will walk away and give space when worked with and has never shown signs of aggressiveness.  Most of our bulls fall in this category.  They are easy to handle as yearlings and like to be in a group.  If sorted alone they learn to become comfortable and are still very manageable.  As they age to 2 yr. olds they generally fall into the 1-star category.

            3 = An individual who when worked with will be aware of his surroundings, never being aggressive towards people but always acting like a bull.  This bull is easily managed by larger operations that have facilities and experience to recognize when pressure can be used and when they should back off.  These are animals that prefer to be in a group and why we recommend these bulls only go to herds with over 100 cows.

            4 and 5=Animals that are quickly exited and aggressive towards handlers.  These animals are quickly castrated and culled.  No bull in the sale has a score in this area.

The next item we are going to include is for the type situation we think each bull would work best on. When we score the bulls we are taking into account pedigree, EPD’s such as API and TI, and how their mothers actually have performed for us.  Also how the bulls gain, frame score and phenotype come into play as well.

(T) or Terminal -For those of you who sell every calf off the cow and want to raise pounds to look for the T.  Generally these animals run a little more birth weight but the extra pounds will really add up.  Frame scores a bit larger and less emphasis is put on maternal traits and calving ease.

(M) Maternal-This would be for ranches that have a need to raise their own replacement heifers and want an emphasis on maternal traits and maternal calving ease. We take into account all maternal traits and the actual history of the cow family.  Udder quality, mothering ability, calving ease of siblings and mother all go into play. 

(D) Dual Purpose-As it implies this animal can be used in either program successfully.  Whether retaining females or selling pounds they tend to run in the middle.

Frame scores can be confusing at times.  Depending on how animals are standing in the chute can vary an inch or more.  For this reason, we are not going to list the numerical score but do a broader and we think a more accurate reflection of true size.  Individual scores are available if you need a more precise figure please ask us.  This is our scoring table:

            Small = frame score of <5

            Med or Medium= frame score from 5-6

            Large= Frame score from 6-7

            XL – Frame score >7

Bulls are available for viewing at the ranch anytime and can also be viewed on DV Auction or keep an eye on our website starting about Jan 15.  If we can be of any help please give us a shout and thank you for taking the time to look thru our offering.


Mike, Myra, Owen, and Livie Stavick

…and Yogo


Bulls and heifers are available for viewing at the ranch anytime, call or just stop by! If we can be of any help please give us a shout and thank you for taking the time to look thru our offering.



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